The Amazing Google Arts & Culture App

Google’s Arts & Culture App has been one of top of the IOS and Android charts thanks to all of the selfies that have gone viral. The app launched a feature that lets it’s users match their selfies to faces in famous artworks. The app has topped the works on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and so much more to place the number 1 spot on the charts for both Apple and Android users.

The app itself has been available since 2016, and offers articles that feature certain artists and their work as well as art history. It also has a whole catalogue of artworks, letting you explore them through the app by different styles, time periods, and colors.

But it wasn’t until recently that someone came up with the genius idea to add facial recognition to match selfies to famous paintings. This is when the app really began to see the limelight. Even celebrities such as Amanda Seyfried and Kumail Nanjiani have been using the app and showing off their best look to their fans.

The only problem with this amazing app is some people, mostly out of the US are having trouble with the facial recognition. The selfie matching feature might be restricted in Europe due to the EU’s regulations on facial recognition tech.

This is stirring up some disgruntled reviews from some who just want to take part in all of the fun. Within the US, the same problem goes for Texas and Illinois. These two states also have restrictions on how facial recognition technology can be used, and may even be illegal in Texas.

However, some are changing their location services to get around this restriction. Texans, are you feeling rebellious? How bad are you willing to go to match with your favorite artist?


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