Golden State Warriors Catching Up to Success of 90s Era Bulls

The Golden State Warriors was ranked Number 1 in the West for quite some time until recently. The team’s success was mainly due to the fact that Keven Durant was signed to the team last summer.

Despite the benefits that came with Durant playing with and for them, there were also sacrifices that has to be made in order for Durant, one of the most wanted basketball players in the NBA, to be on their side.

Many fans are wondering if the Warriors are going to make it through this momentary downfall as Durant’s knee injury is causing some trouble. We aren’t sure what the developments are just yet.

However, The Vertical’s Michael Lee has provided insight on how the Warrior’ could still finish the season strongly by showing some hard-statistical facts.

He mentioned that despite their loss against the Spurs this past Saturday, the Warriors are still on a 65-win pace. There have only been 19 examples of a 65-win season in NBA history, 3 of them being potentially from the Warriors.

He then compared this striking piece of data to Michael Jordan’s memorizing 3 year winning stretch playing for the Chicago Bulls.


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