Giant Hamster Wheel Lets You Exercise at Work Without Leaving Your Desk

Move over kale, there’s a new health craze incoming.

Of course we’re talking about human size office hamster wheels.

Two artists, Robb Godshaw and Will Doenlen, designed this insane wheel to keep workers fit and healthy, without ever having to leave their desk. In fact it was designed so that a desk could fit over the top of the wheel.

The wheel was built in San Francisco’s Pier 9 workshop in just 24 hours. It was made using plywood, skateboard wheels, pipes and 240 wood screws. After the pair uploaded it to their YouTube channel, fans started building their own versions. The artists said: “We considered adding in brakes but decided against it in order to really force the productivity out of the desk user.”

We recommend a 5 mile a day running quota to really boost that worker productivity.


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