How to Gain Mass Without Lifting Heavy Weights

Our bodies are different, for some, it is easier to gain weight than others. If you consume a balanced died yet are underweight then you should consider joining a gym.

Lifting weight can help you gain mass, however, you don’t always have to lift heavy to be able to do so. Many people even stay away from gyms due to such myths.

When you’re at the gym, concentrate on working smartly. You’re not there to be a weightlifter, so why lift more? There are different exercises and tips for different goals.

How to Gain Mass Without Lifting Heavy Weights

Given below are some valuable tips on how to gain muscles mass without sweating it a lot at the gym:

  • Avoid resting excessively between sets. You will not gain muscles until you put the strain on your body, which might be troublesome but pain is gain. Reduce waiting period between sets to 1 minute or less.
  • Do not stick to one stance. Keep changing it so that your body does not get used to one stance, cause after a point it might stop reacting strongly to the same exercise.

How to Gain Mass Without Lifting Heavy Weights

  • The above reason is why you should try different exercises at the gym and not stick to one routine. This is also why fitness trainers also suggest specific days for specific parts.
  • Pay attention to how you grip at the gym. Stick to a neutral routine to keep your shoulders and humerus pain-free.
  • Play around a little. Change your stance. For example, if you follow 2-0-1 when you bench press, change it to 3-1-1. This would allow your body to react better.
  • Follow these tips and you will see better results. Also, make sure not to put a lot of strain on your body and to listen to your trainer.


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