Five Unrealistic Male Expectations of Women

Are you guilty of expecting your girl to do one of the following five?

#1 Low maintenance with a high maintenance face
Guys want a girl who looks flawless, without spending the time and money to get that look. Sorry, but no lady is going to look like a supermodel without investing some serious time and money.


#2 Eating the burgers without the body
Men looking for ladies who will chow down on burgers without flinching, but cringe when her stomach is not a washboard, are in for a real shock: it’s just not possible. Not only are these men guilty of some seriously outdated body perceptions, but they’re asking for something that’s just not real.



#3 Wife material but FWB
This incredibly unfair and damaging expectation puts women in the impossible position of always having to cater to male desire. Wanting a “lady in the streets but a freak in the bed” is simply too demanding.


#4 Sexy but not too sexy
So many of us spend days in Sephora, trying to get that perfect “I woke up like this” look. But waking up with the perfect pout and lived in liner takes time and effort and if the male gaze wants sexy, the male gaze will have to accept the time that it takes to achieve it.


#5 Being one of the guys, but not with other guys
Guys want a girl that fits in with their crew, the “cool girl” who can swig back beers and hang at the bar. But only with them. Sorry sir, but there are plenty of fish in the sea, no way you can limit us.


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