Ferrari Celebrates Anniversary With 350 Unique Vehicles

Ferrari may have been founded in 1939, but they consider 1947, the year they first released a badged car, their official inaugural year. What does this mean you ask? IT means that next year they’re celebrating their 70th birthday!

Usually, car manufacturers tend to celebrate such occasions with special editions in small, numbered runs. But Ferrari is having none of that. The Italian company will release a whopping 350 70th anniversary models: that’s 70 vehicles a piece for each of its top five current lines: the F12 Berlinetta coupe, the 488 Spider, the 488 GTB, the California T convertible and the new GTC4 Lusso.

Some fans have already created concept models, but the real cars are expected to be inspired by historic Ferrari models, and “feature the highest technology and design capability of the company,” according to Ferrari marketing boss Enrico Galliera. The squadron will be unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show this fall, though ironically the only ones who don’t care about the details are precisely the target audience.

As is expected with these high end lines, the demand will certainly far outweigh the supply, leaving the Ferrari team with the unenviable task of handpicking collectors and VIPs who will get the honor of purchasing the 70th Anniversary makes. “This is probably the most difficult part of what I do,” said Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne.

First world problems, thy name is Ferrari.


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