Facebook Will Officially Change Their Policy on Political Ads


Facebook has finally decided to take action and tackle one its most important issues today. The company officially declared that they are implementing changes on how political advertisements run and how they are presented on Facebook.


Due to the massive amounts of misinformation and fake news presented through Facebook, political advertisers will need to identify who they are as well as where they are located. Once this goes into effect, anyone posting political content will need to follow this procedure. This does not apply only to posts that are election-related. A political post can be about debates within the country, laws that are passed or should be passed, etc.


Once this effort comes to reality in April, the chances of seeing biased stories or lies will hopefully decrease drastically. It will be much harder for political influencers to impact the American population. Through Facebook, at least.


Another great change implemented by this new Facebook regulation is that Facebook users will be able to clearly see if a post is political or not. All ads pertaining to politics will be labelled clearly as “Political Ads”. Not only that but since basically all political ads are sponsored, there will also be a “paid for by” section for users to see exactly where this news is coming from.


In order to help advertisers follow through with Facebook’s new regulation, they have created a manual for advertisers to use and easily be able to access. This gives political advertisers no excuse but to follow through with Facebook’s rules.


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