Ex-Uber Employees Need To Prove That They Are Not Douches to Future Employers

Uber is known to have a very specific work culture and environment. This has led the organization to be under great scrutiny by the media who have found out about the widespread sexual harassment claims at the company’s headquarters. As a result, there are a whole lot of employees who are interested in leaving the company.

It’s not that easy for them, though, seeing as how any and all employers view previous Uber employees as assholes. This has tampered with the ability of an ex-Uber employer to get a new job. It seems like having Uber on your resume isn’t the greatest thing.

Leslie Miley, an Entrepreneur in Residence at Venture for America, mentioned in an interview with The Guardian that he always takes into consideration the “asshole culture” Uber has when screening candidates for positions at his company.

It is no surprise that Uber has an “asshole culture” as even the CEO of the company, Travis Kalanick, has been the center of the media’s attention time and time again for his strange behavior and troubling acts.


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