Dwyane Wade Might Just Have A Plan On How To Stop Steph Curry

There is no one out there who has figured out exactly how to shut down Steph Curry, but Dwyane Wade might have just come close. It’s true there is no exact science behind stopping him, but players need to attempt to put a stop to him and the Golden State Warriors before they become even more dominant than they already are.

The Western conference has become a conference for super teams and now the Warriors will have some real competition, but still, Wade has a solution. 

@BlueManHoop tweeted at Dwyane Wade on Monday, “@DwyaneWade how do you slow down @StephenCurry30?” And well, he had the perfect response. “Pray that every grocery store in the world go out of business and his wife can’t cook him any food. Whatever she’s cooking it’s working”. Perfect response D-Wade.

However, we cannot really expect Chef Ayesha Curry to stop cooking for Steph and even if she did, we’re sure starvation would not even slow him down. Steph has been having a great offseason and we’re not even just talking basketball. Most recently he crashed a house party and shot gunned some cold ones with some random boys.

It was a great joke by Dwyane Wade, but really, who knows if Steph Curry even can be stopped in the next few years.


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