Don’t Let Your Footwear Be Basic This Summer

It is easy to be sloppy about shoes in summer and put on flip-flops to hit the beach or even go to the store next doors. But with the new Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2, you will find the comfort of flip-flops in trendy and fashionable cover-ups as they are very accessible.

They are one of the most affordable signature shoes on the market and was released in an amazing twenty-seven different colorways in its first year. The colorways complimented the unique shoe silhouette, and because of this these shoes became an enormous success. The shoe features its signature thick heel strap which contributes to the shoe’s overall comfort yet doesn’t give it a bulk appearance.

These shoes were made in hopes of creating the founder’s dream shoe and has since taken on the luxury market. A unisex shoe, it retails for $362. The name was inspired by the lunar gray colorway, and are crafted in Civitanova, Italy.

The shoe is available in multiple other colorways, and the brand also offers several low top shoes. These shoes exemplify craftsmanship and are a wonderful addition to any closet. These shoes offer a luxury look, with a less than luxury price.

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 is killing the sneaker game with their Triple S trainers as well – a shoe that is definitely worth-while to check out. But what makes these shoes so special is that not only are they stylish, they are also crazy comfortable. So get your own pair today and even send them to your friends as an early summer gift and let them enjoy the comfort and your friendship with you!



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