Dont Go Camping This Summer Without Reading This First

Why do people go camping? We’ve all done it at least once. Some of us love it, some of us hated it and would never do it again, but there’s one undeniable fact – the stress of everyday life fades away. There’s no kitchen anymore – just a fire. You’re woken up by the sun instead of the irritating alarm clock that’s begun to resonate in your nightmares. And entertainment? Just being outside is enough.

The downsides of camping are obvious – going hungry, being cold, and feeling uncomfortable. Bad weather is the archenemy of camping. Here, then, are our tips on how to camp.

Don’t forget the hand sanitizer

Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands before preparing food and after going to the toilet. 

Pick a campsite near running water 

Make sure you camp near a water spinet, and avoid sites near parking lots or the campground entrance so that people coming in late don’t wake you up. Walk-in campsites will be quieter and more private than sites at the roadside.

Watch out for the shade

In the afternoon, the day is at its hottest. A site with northern exposure will warm up more slowly in the morning.

Flat, high ground

Look for flat and high ground, but not the highest in the area, because you might sustain damages in a storm. Most of the time, there is a requirement to campsites not expressly designated as such to be located at least 200 feet from structures, water sources, or trails. 

Check for dangling or dead branches

If you can, go for an established tent site because this minimizes your impact on the environment.

Don’t wait to pitch your tent 

Pitch it as soon as you get to the campsite, then proceed to survey your site. Leaf cover, grass, and pine needles make the best groundcover.

Check to see which way the wind is blowing

To check the wind direction, toss a few blades of grass in the air. After that, pitch your tent upwind of your fire and cooking area because it’s a bad idea to have airborne sparks making a hole in the rainfly or having your campfire smoke fill your tent. 


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