Doctors Moving Away From Traditional Anti-Anxiety Meds

Anxiety levels appear to be on the rise in the United States. This may be because different stimuli such as staring at screens, increased requirements for academic and employment achievement, and a variety of other factors exist today more prevalently than they have in the past. Another reason that anxiety may be on the rise is that now there is less of a stigma on mental health, and more and more people have begun to recognize the importance of treating their anxiety.

Many doctors have been prescribing anti-anxiety meds to their patients for years but after a variety of recent studies have come to light, some doctors, such as Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD, have started to turn away from traditional anxiety medications and have been moving more towards more natural supplements.

Many anti-anxiety medications have shown to increase some concerning side effects in a decent amount of their customers. Hoffman even stated that the ineffectiveness of some of the popular anti-anxiety medications that he has been prescribing throughout his entire time practicing has been a cause in the growing mental health problem occurring in the United States.

Doctors Moving Away From Traditional Anti-Anxiety Meds

He stated that prescription medications can overstimulate production of a singular neurotransmitter while neglecting to do the same for another, causing a discord between stimulators to occur within the brain that would then go on to contribute to some concerning emotional feelings.

Researchers with the same opinion have been working hard towards developing an anti-anxiety medication that will be more natural, utilizing the body’s natural production of certain hormones such as serotonin and a variety of calming herbs.


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