‘Deadpool 2’: Did You Spot These Two Cameos

Deadpool 2 has a hilarious amount of pop culture winks and cameos. This means that you have probably missed some of them. Brad Pitt as Vanisher is a non-miss, but did you see Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk in the film?

Well, they are! They interpret the two rednecks Cable kills after he arrives the present. Why did you probably miss them? Well, basically because Damon acted under a huge amount of facial prosthetics and the cameo wasn’t known even by the cast and crew, as Bill Corso (the makeup artist of the film) secretly armed Damon in prosthetics without anybody knowing it.

Matt Damon’s name was hidden from the call sheets, and nobody could recognize them, even though many people on the set had worked with him way before in many projects.

The cameos have an added excitement as they have been previously involved in the geek world. Tudyk is a geek cult icon due to his roles in Firefly and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Damon had a hilarious cameo in the MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok.

How were they possible? Basically due to Reynolds and Damon’s friendship. Matt and Ryan were dining and Reynolds told him about the hysterical gag and asked him if Matt wanted to do it. And it happened just like that.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters right now I you want to re-watch it again to spot Damon and Tudyk.


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