Damian Lillard of the Blazers Awed By the Golden State Warriors Performance at Last Game

The Golden State Warriors have been killing it so far in the 2017 NBA Playoffs, especially when they played against the Portland Trail Blazers this past Monday night. Kevin Durant returned from his leave due to injuries, which lead to a mesmerizing run in the first quarter of the game. The score was 128-103, with the Warriors taking the lead.

Once the game had ended, the Blazers’ guard, Damian Lillard, was asked a few questions regarding the game and how he felt about the other team. He had wonderful things to say about the Warriors and mentioned how he praises and respects them. “They’re very consistent, whether they’re up or down, they just continue to play. They continue to be who they are”.

 His kind words came as a surprise as just moments earlier, he and his team were embarrassingly defeated. This game really showed the world a taste of what the rest of the season will hopefully be like for the Golden State Warriors and Lillard’s testament proves that people are actually excited for their success and are looking forward to what moves the Warriors will do next.


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