Dad’s Twitter Rant Leads to Major Changes at Tim Hortons

A Twitter rant by a dad made Tim Hortons apologize and promise to place a table for changing babies in the gentlemen’s bathrooms. After Chris Webb, a dad of two kids, was forced to go into the women’s bathroom to change the diaper of his son, who is a year and two months old, he vented his frustrations on Twitter. This is because the Île-Perrot-based Tim Hortons’ in Canada doesn’t have a changing table in the gents room.

When speaking with CBC News, Chris said, “It’s 2018; dads change diapers.”

The dad was told by staff to use the ladies room after he voiced his concerns.

Since Chris had no choice, he went into the women’s bathroom and was later found by a woman in there while changing his son. Even after Webb explained to the lady why he was in there, he still described the encounter as “awkward.” Chris decided to file his complaint using Twitter.

His tweet read, “I’m shocked and humiliated to have had to use the women’s bathroom to change my child in one of your restaurants today.” In response to the Tweet, Tim Hortons released a statement, saying they are already in the process of redesigning their restaurants.

The statement read, “Obviously as a family brand, we need to make accessible changing tables available for all of our guests. This is now standard in our new restaurant design that is rolling out across Canada.”

Chris was contacted by the company and they issued an apology for inconveniencing him.


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