Country Club Member Finally Gets His First Hole in One

C.D Madsen is a golf lover and enthusiast. The 99-year old has been a member of the Marin Country Club in Marin County, California for roughly 57 years. He is extremely passionate about the sport and plays it at least once a week at the country club.

He has always been mesmerized by the concept of receiving a hole in one. This occurs when the ball goes in the golf hole after only one hit. All golf players know the challenge in this, and as a result, it is extremely rare to achieve. Madsen loved going to professional golf player Ken Doherty’s house just to see his hole in one picture hanging on the wall.

Madsen was finally able to feel that joy himself as he got his first hole in one recently. He received his hole in one on the 16th hole of the game while he was 108 yards away and using a 6 iron. He must have felt super ecstatic and like a king at the time. The Country Club went ahead and took his photo for proof of his success.


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