Coke and Coffee, Finally Together

If you like Coca Cola and Coffee, you’ll probably love this new drink. The new Coca Cola plus has 50% more caffeine than regular coffee and 50% less calories, too. It might sound weird but it actually tastes very good.

According to Shin-Shouhin, the drink doesn’t really smell like Coca Cola or coffee. It has a cola-like taste, but a weird coffee aftertaste. The idea behind the drink is to get more caffeine in your body. We are not sure if people will actually like it, but there is a certain kind of person that is going to love it. All those who need a boost of caffeine and always liked Coca Cola for this reason will find this drink even more effective.

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is not the first attempt of the company, Coca Cola made a similar product in 2006 called Coca Cola Black which was sold in Europe and the United States. This kind only lasted two years. Let’s see if Coca Cola will be luckier with this new one!


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