Chipotle Queso is Here, and the Reviews are Mixed

So, it seems to have been a long time coming in regards to the Tex-Mex Superchain, Chipotle to release some sort of queso dip. And while they have finally released it, many avid Chipotle fans are not too fond of the dip.

At first, the queso dip does not appear to be that bad. However, it is a bit thicker and clumpier than queso dip that you would find at another restaurant. Chipotle claims that this difference in consistency comes from the natural ingredients used in their queso, unlike the artificial stuff used in their competitors. Something else slightly off about the queso is that it’s temperature should probably be a bit hotter than how it is typically served.  However, the actual taste of the queso is not terrible, and has people trying it all over the country.

Chipotle definitely has a bit of work to do if they want to catch up to their queso- perfected competition in the near future. However, their all natural queso is off to a pretty good start and has already been attracting a different audience. Many people refused to go to CHipotle under the excuse that Chipotle doesn’t offer queso. And, now that queso is a regular item on the Chipotle menu, there is no reason for any queso lover to go without indulging in some yummy and creamy chipotle queso dip.


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