Charles Oakley Is Banned From Madison Square Garden And It Seems Like He Couldnt Care Less

In case you do not remember, back in February Charles Oakley and Madison Square Garden security got into a bit of an altercation which was taken to court. After a long time of deliberating, the ruling came in and Oakley is not banned from the New York Knicks arena for a year as part of a plea deal.

This whole dilemma began when Charles Oakley was accused of yelling at James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks, at a game. Security was then forced to escort him out of the arena, something that Oakley was not happy about. Oakley shoved a security guard and the altercation became physical. For a brief time, Oakley had a lifetime ban from the arena, but that was eventually lifted. 

Now that the issue has been settled everyone can move on and go back to normalcy. Oakley is currently a coach in the BIG3 league and is keeping busy with that. He did go on to say that he does not really plan on returning to the Garden after what he went through. On August 6 he tweeted, “I want to thank all my fans around the world. The case is over now that was the hard part. The easy part is stayin away from the garden. OAK.”

It seems like Oakley is still bitter about what happened but he wants his fans to know he is still with them. The issue may be settled on the inside, there are still some pretty hard feelings. It does not seem like we will be seeing much of Charles Oakley in Madison Square Garden even after his ban is lifted.


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