Celebrating the Warriors’ Third Championship in Four Years

 The Warriors put the Cavaliers in their place winning their third championship in the last four years. The west coast team’s utter dominance is no surprise and has been showcased for the past 6 seasons. This rivalry has officially and unarguably landed in the favor of the Warriors.

In 2016, the Warriors won 6 games however, the Cavaliers came back strong the next year and won 7 games. At this point, things were getting interesting. After obtaining super star, Kevin Durant, in the off season, the Warriors dominated the league and stormed their way to the NBA title in only 5 games.

Following a thrilling 2018 NBA playoff, we were left with the same results.

For the fourth year once again, the Golden State Warriors would face the Cleveland Cavaliers. After being steady all year, the Warriors finished in second place. In contrast, the journey for the Cavaliers was a little more challenging and they finished in fourth place.

The Cleveland team lost their super player, Kyrie Irving and endured a trade deadline swap.

Looking back now, it seemed like a good idea since Lebron James was left to defeat the Warriors all by himself. After a close Game 1, the Warriors luckily escaped after a few mistakes leaving the Cavaliers in despair.


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