Calorie Count Now Legally Required on All Menus at American Restaurants

With the obesity epidemic across the world really getting out of hand, restaurants are now being forced to reveal to their customers what exactly goes into their food and how many calories it contains if they are located in the United States.

Restaurant food in general is going to be a lot higher in terms of caloric concentration, as they want their food to taste good which often requires unhealthy additives being added to the mix. A single meal at a restaurant could take up the majority of calorie target for the day, which is why people who eat out regularly can often struggle to keep their weight in check.

This new regulation was first passed back in 2010 by the FDA and it means that all restaurants need to have calorie counts on their menus, but this rule is only now coming into effect.

The likes of supermarkets, restaurants and movie theatres all have to abide by this new rule. While a lot of companies have been doing this already for multiple years, it will no doubt be eye opening for those who are only starting to do this as their customers may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to their favourite things to order.

The FDA warns people to have more information at their disposal so they can make better informed choices when it comes to the food they are putting into their mouths


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