Book The Best Campsite With These Sites

One of the most indisputably genius ideas of the common era is the concept behind Airbnb. The ability to rent out one’s personal property to traveling guests is an idea of brilliance, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Airbnb has become a huge business with many participants and hosts utilizing the platform around the world. Airbnb rentals are typically in condos, apartments, or houses.

Many outdoor enthusiasts await the nice, warm weather of summer in order to explore their camping needs. Unfortunately, unless campsites are booked decently in advance, it can be hard to secure a good campsite due to the constant business of many campgrounds during the summer.

Also, camping in a campground can be a bit hectic, as they tend to be noisy and busting with people. Luckily, there are sites that operate in the same way that Airbnb does. These sites are allowing more campers to experience the beautiful outdoors. Available across the United States and Europe, try these platforms when planning your next camping experience.  

Book The Best Campsite With These Sites

The first is Hipcamp. Hipcamp is very present in California and the West Coast and offers over 285,000 campsites across its U.S locations. These include a cranberry marsh in Maine and Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park. The process is simple. You find a campsite that is to your liking, fill in the dates you want the campsite, and request a booking.

Another site is Gamping. “Gamping” which stands for “garden camping” is a French site that was started in 2013. It offers a choice of over 10,000 private campsites ranging across Europe and the U.S. Gamping offers sites in vineyards and beaches and you can break your search down even further by specifying what kind of electricity, living quarters, and activities you want to be included.

Book The Best Campsite With These Sites

Tentrr has a slightly different approach than the last two sites. Each campsite offered is essentially an outdoor hotel room. A large canvas wall, inflatable queen sized bed, picnic table, shower, toilet, fire pit, and more are all set up for the campers. Campers can select their campsites based on three specific factors; privacy, location, and the “wow” factor. At the moment, these sites are located in New York and the Catskills.

Book The Best Campsite With These Sites

Lastly, Camp in My Garden is another cool site that allows people to rent over 1,000 micro-garden sites. This camping community avoids booking huge crowds and prefer to keep everything as natural as possible. Half of their offerings are in Europe while others are in the U.S and across Africa.


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