Best Original Series To Stream On Netflix This Month

Hey Netflix lovers! Ready for your next binge-watch? Netflix is rolling out some fantastic series that are just begging to be watched. From thrilling dramas to romantic escapades, here’s a quick sneak peek at three shows you should definitely add to your list. 

Baby Reindeer

Based on Richard Gadd’s acclaimed one-man show, Baby Reindeer is a gripping drama-thriller. The show delves into the unsettling dynamics of obsession and trauma. Gadd stars as Donny Dunn, a comedian and bartender whose life spirals into chaos when he becomes the target of an obsessive stalker, Martha Scott. As Donny attempts to manage Martha’s escalating fixation, he confronts his own deep-seated traumas.

A Man in Full

In A Man in Full features Charlie Croker, a once-celebrated football star turned real estate mogul struggling to save his crumbling empire. This drama series blends corporate intrigue with personal drama. Featuring a stellar supporting cast including Tom Pelphrey, Lucy Liu, and Diane Lane, it’s a must-watch. 


Lastly, returning with its highly anticipated third season, Bridgerton remains a jewel in Netflix’s crown. This season focuses on Penelope Featheringtonas she navigates her complicated feelings for Colin Bridgerton. Set against the backdrop of Regency-era London, the series continues to offer a delicious mix of romance, drama, and sharp wit.


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