Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Many people who consider themselves to be travel junkies like to explore places beyond the United States. Other foreign countries offer so many cool landmarks, natural beauties, and other unique cultures to explore. While there are a ton of cool, adventurous spots outside of the United States, there are also plenty of exciting places to visit around the country.

Especially when it comes to kayaking, the United States offers a ton of really fun rivers where kayaking enthusiasts from all around the country and even all around the world travel to for a thrill. There are many different rivers that offer a variety of difficulty levels that are perfect for suiting the wide range of people who enjoy this particular sport.

If you are looking for whee to embark on your next kayaking adventure, look no further. Here is a list of some of the best Kayaking destinations in the United States.

Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Arkansas River

The Arkansas river is surrounded by the Rockies on both sides. Located in Colorado, it is the 6th largest river in the United States and is the perfect destination for kayaking, and actually the most popular on the West Coast. Kayaking through the Royal Gorge is particularly popular for this location and the class range of the rapids range from II to IV.

Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Snake River

Located in beautiful Wyoming, Snake River offers kayakers a gorgeous view of the Teton Mountains. Once you’re done with your adventure on the river, Yellowstone is just a short drive away where you can enjoy even more of what Wyoming has to offer. 

Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Colorado River

One of the most popular kayaking routes, due to the amazing scenes of the surrounding landscape is with the Colorado River. Located in the state of Arizona, kayaking through this river will allow you to kayak through the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for an adventure, check out Emerald Cave, where the water glows as green as an Emerald – just 2 miles from Willow beach.  

The Colorado River offers adventure for everyone, with options for kayaking levels ranging between I-IV.

Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Salmon River

For people who enjoy whitewater kayaking, consider exploring the Salmon River in Idaho as your next kayaking destination. Some of the deepest canyons are present in this region, making it a very scenic kayaking route. This river ranges in class between III-IV.

Best Kayaking Spots in the U.S

Youghiogheny River

Don’t let the name scare you, this river is a perfect spot for a new or well-seasoned kayaker. With a class range of II-V, this river that runs across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia is a popular choice for kayakers, canoers, and people who enjoy river activities.


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