Best Commercial for Men, Proven

Most people who watch TV on a regular basis are familiar with the sexualization of women by pop culture and media portrayals. Women are seen in scantily clad clothing, insinuating that by purchasing the product that they are advertising, that the male purchaser will be able to attract a woman like themselves. Women being sexualized in media is often spoken about and debated. However, it is also important to note that men are definitely sexualized in TV ads as well.

Shirtless, bronzed, and ripped men are constantly seen in advertisements directed towards both men and women. These advertisements aim to make women want a product and aim to make men desire to obtain the physical perfection that they see in these commercials. However, one advertisement by AXE is on a mission to change the stigma that the only ment that are attractive are the extremely muscular ones.

AXE is known for their funny commercials. However, their “Find Your Magic” campaign is different than anything else they or their competitors have done. The feature a variety of different looking models and showcase different sexual orientations as well. This commercial is extremely forward thinking and a wonderful step in the right direction for combating the stigma that in order for a man to be attractive, that they need to have a chiseled six pack and Greek God like facial features.


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