Baywatch Might be Getting a Sequel

With summer on the way, many comedy movie fans were eager to know they’ve got an action filled movie based right on the beach. What could be better than the gorgeous Zac Efron and “The Rock”. Baywatch has officially premiered and many of us are truly reacting well. However, when it comes to critics, they didn’t appreciate the film’s humor nor its vibe.

The Rock of course wasn’t too ecstatic of the fact the reviews from fans and critics were overly contradicting. “Fans LOVE the movie. Critics HATE it. What a glaring disconnect,” The Rock has recently tweeted. Many of the critics’ frustrations were said to be due to regressive “jokes” and its sophomoric humor which can become a shock to the global superstar.

Fans of course did have some mixed feelings but when put on a scale there was whole lot more love than hate from the audience. Regardless of what many have been thinking, a sequel is on its way and apparently they might even take their story overseas. Although this sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet, it’s good to know that if the film succeeds we won’t be left hanging. Baywatch is still playing in theaters waiting to humor you. 


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