Barack Obama And Donald Trump Eat What?

All of the men who have held the honorable position of being the president of the United States of America are all pretty different from each other. While some may share similar ideas and values, each individual has definitely exhibited their fair share of differences and preferences that define them each individually as people.

Two of these men who have exhibited some of the most starkly different behaviors of their presidencies are none other than Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Now, without getting into all of their extreme political differences, they also exhibit differences in other fundamental areas. This includes their food and taste preferences.

Here is a list of food preferences that exhibit even further the vast differences of Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Weird Craving: Barack Obama loves to eat simple slices of toast with American cheese melted on top. To him, this is the perfect comfort food. Donald Trump loves to eat severely overcooked steak. As someone who owns his own brand of Steaks, this may come as a surprise to meat lovers.

Favorite Veggie: Barack Obama has claimed that broccoli is his go- to veggie of choice, while Donald Trump says that his favorite type of greenery is.. Lettuce.

Favorite Snacks: Barack Obama loves to satisfy his snack cravings with apples and trail mix. On a different note, Donald Trump has a serious love for Oreo cookies that he regularly treats himself to eating whenever he’s feeling peckish.

Favorite Meal: Barack Obama’s guilty pleasure and absolute favorite meal is a classic cheeseburger. Donald Trump’s favorite thing to eat is meatloaf.


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