Bad Spring Break Tattoo That Will Last Forever

If you go to a college campus and start to ask around about funny spring break stories that the students have experiences, you are sure to get some interesting answers.  College students often like to have pretty rowdy spring breaks, causing them to engage in some behaviors that will cause them to not 100% be able to recall all of their actions.

One guy, his freshman year spring break, woke up one morning in the middle of his trip with an interesting surprise. He had been heavily drinking the day before in Panama City Beach with some of his friends.  Apparently his friends had coaxed him into getting a pretty random and definitely hysterical tattoo.  This tattoo was located on his hip and was the logo of Nike- a mid sized black check mark with the phrase “Just Do It” underneath.  At first he was confused as to why a tattoo artist would willingly give a tattoo to a kid who was clearly underage drinking and very intoxicated. Fortunately, he actually liked the tattoo when he was sober too, because he thought it was hilarious.  


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