Army Attempts to Create Indestructible Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, and occasionally craves it. This holds true especially for US Armed Forces members who have requested to have pizza added to their Meals Ready to Eat plans, or MRE’s.

The only issue is, the meals that can be accepted to these plans have to be indestructible. Unfortunately, pizza can still be destroyed.

Nevertheless, the army has been attempting to master an indestructible pizza. However, the requirements are hard to meet. For example, the pizza needs to be able to withstand a ten-foot fall and remain completely edible. It also needs to be able to last 3 or more years on the shelf before expiring.

The Defense News shared some of the scientific advancements the army has been trying to make with pizza. The military kept pizza in a box for 6 months in 100 degrees Fahrenheit but it still went brown. As a result, they have to start again with a new pizza strategy.

Apparently, though, the issue pertaining to the pizza isn’t necessarily one of edibleness. The pizza can be eaten, but the taste and the flavor are the problem.


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