Are You A Gentleman?

The people in today’s society seem to have evolved into a liberal force. No more are the days where just expecting your wife to stay home all day and knit is acceptable.

With feminism and a demand for equal gender rights on the rise, many men are feeling the pressure and don’t quite know how to address certain situations. For example, is opening the door for a date still acceptable, or is it too much of an old-fashioned action? Is paying for your girlfriend’s food at a restaurant still expected, or will she be offended that you offer to pay- insinuating that your payment is some sort of twisted way where you are trying to assert your dominance?

It can be difficult for some men in today’s society to understand how to properly act like a gentleman while respecting the newfound power of women. Here are some do’s and don’t that will hopefully clear some things up.

Do: Open the door for a woman. Opening the door and holding it for a date is a nice gesture in itself. Most likely, your date will appreciate it and you will impress her with your basic generosity.

Don’t: Open the door for a woman with the pure intention of checking out her backside. Opening and holding doors are nice, but she may feel disrespected if she catches a glimpse of your eyes wondering in the glass of the door as she walks past you.

Are You A Gentleman?

Do: Offer to pay. There is nothing wrong with offering to pay. Sometimes your date will simply thank you but other times, she may politely request to pay for herself. In which case, you should probably insist to pay one more time, but then let her pay for herself.

Don’t: Offer to pay for her meal expecting that that is an automatic reason for her to owe you anything. It is nice for men to pay, but it becomes creepy when a guy only tries to pay because he expects to “get some” later.


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