Ang Lee and David Benioff in the Works on A New Sci-Fi Film

David Benioff is the showrunner of popular adventure and drama series, Game of Thrones. He might have finally found a director to help him create Gemini Man, a movie he has been attempting to pursue for two decades. Variety reports that the Oscar winning director, Ang Lee, is discussing how he can help create this science fiction movie come to life. Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of Pirates of the Caribbean and Don Murphy, will be partaking in Benioff’s film as well.

Gemini Man is a film about a retiring National Security Agent who soon realizes he is being shadowed by an assassin who surprisingly turns out to be an actual clone of his younger self. Benioff has been working on this film long before Rian Johnson’s corresponding film, Looper, in 2012. A representative of Lee stated that negotiations are still in place and nothing is certain just yet.

Benioff certainly appears to have a lot going on right now as Game of Thrones is also coming out with their seventh season this summer in July. Benioff is really balancing all of his projects well and truthfully, we cannot wait to see what more he has in store.


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