American Airlines Passenger Gets a Little Too Drunk on a Plane

American Airlines has quite a public relations issue on their hands. On a recent flight from Saint Croix to Miami International Airport, a man named Jason Felix was a passenger. Felix began drinking on the flight right away, and after about 30 minutes into the flight, his flight attendant decided to cut him off.

The male flight attendant decided to not give Jason Felix more alcohol after he heard a “commotion” in the bathroom from him. Felix continued to demand for more beer, and as the flight attendant continued to say no, he got more and more upset.

Felix became so angry that he began yelling at the flight attendant and started to lean towards him, as if to physically hurt him. This led to Felix blatantly interrupting his seatmates flight experience as he was attempting to push him out of the way to reach the attendant.

As his seatmate stated, Felix was “hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point”.

This occurrence resulted in an altercation between Jason Felix and his seatmate. Luckily, no one was injured on the flight. However, this did end with quite a scare as Felix threatened to kill him. Thank goodness the authorities were able to remove him from sight and handle the situation.

All in all, American Airlines acted appropriately by denying Felix more beers. He was only three beers in and was already dangerous! We wonder what could have happened if they’d continue to give him more.


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