Allen Iverson Is Suspended For Missing A BIG3 Game In Dallas

When Ice Cube introduced his BIG3 league, a big name attached to the league was Allen Iverson. However, he has pretty much been typical AI this whole season, barely showing up to the league games. He did not even play in Philadelphia. That was taken as a shot at his fans since he played much of his NBA career for the 76ers.

But now, there are consequences for Iverson missing his game and he is in trouble with Ice Cube. On Wednesday, word got out that Iverson was absent from another game and according to the league, he has been suspended.

Oliver Maroney tweeted, “Official word from @thebig3 on Iverson missing last week’s game: AI has been suspended for one game.” Following his suspension, Iverson issued a statement on Instagram saying, “First and foremost, I apologize to Ice Cube and my BIG3 family, my fans and everyone disappointed by my absence in Dallas this past weekend. I have spoken with Ice Cube directly regarding the details of my absence. I will do my best to make up for this moving forward on the BIG3 tour.”

No one really knows exactly why Allen Iverson has not showed up to all the games, but he does have some sort of responsibility for the team. He is not only a player, but he is a coach and has been letting his team down. Hopefully after this suspension Iverson will turn it around and start fulfilling his responsibilities.


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