All Rise For The Newest Home Run Derby Champion

If you have been following Major League Baseball at all this year, you know who the player to watch is. Aaron Judge, rookie outfielder for the New York Yankees, has once again proved that we are not worthy.

This years All Star Game events were held in Miami and all the talk surrounded Judge. Home runs are his thing and fans were eager to see how the rookie would do in the Home Run Derby. Well, he pretty much did as expected.

First round, Miami Marlins first baseman, Justin Bour, stepped up and hit an impressive 22 home runs. Not a problem for Judge though. He came right back and hit 23. Next, he took on fellow rookie and first baseman for the Dodgers, Cody Bellinger. Bellinger knocked 12 out of the park, but Judge hit 13.

Finally, in the third and final round, Judge faced Miguel Sano, third baseman for the Twins. Sano hit 10 homers, but once again, this wasn’t a problem for the Yankee rookie. Judge went out and hit 11, leaving 1 minute and 53 seconds on the clock.

Over the entire Home Run Derby, Judge hit 47 home runs in just 80 swings. That’s a 58.75% chance of hitting a home run. Yup, he is just that good. All rise for the king himself!


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