Accountant Gets Asked to Play for a Night in the NHL

It’s not every day that you get a call to play for a national sports team. Scott Foster seems like your average guy. He is 36 years old and is an accountant by trade. He plays hockey in a recreational league in his free time but other than that, his life seemed pretty ordinary. That is until one day when The Chicago Blackhawks reached out to him with a special request.

The team asked Foster to join them that evening to play in a match as their third string goalie, just in case the real first and second string goalies suffered an injury. Foster agreed, never expecting to actually be put into the game. However, as fate had it, the starting goalie, Anton Forsberg injured himself pretty early on in the pre-game warmups and because of this, the second string goalie was put in the game.

The backup goalie played very well until he, too, had to exit the game because of a lower body injury. That’s when Foster was put in. He recalls getting dressed in the gear and claims that seemingly everything that followed afterwards was a blur. Foster stepped up to goal and held off one of the best teams in the league, the Winnipeg Jets.

In his 14 minutes of playing time, the opposing team scored zero goals, all thanks to Foster. After every save, the crowd would shout Foster’s name in excitement.

After the game, Foster stated that he has surely hit his prime and “I’m an accountant by day. So a few hours ago I was sitting on my computer typing on the 10-key, and now I’m standing in front of you guys just finished 14 and a half minutes of NHL hockey.”.


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