A Third Season of True Detective is in the Works

True Detective fans can officially celebrate as, according to Entertainment Weekly, it has been announced that a third season of the Home Box Office series is on the way. Numerous did not know if it would happen as the second season was not as popular as the first.

Apparently, the creator and one of the writers of the show, Nic Pizzolatto, already wrote the first couple of episodes for the new season and has partnered with David Milch to continue with the rest of the episodes.

We are unsure as to what their collaboration will bring, however, we are more than certain it will be worthwhile. Milch is a great addition to the show as he has won several Emmy awards and has been nominated 24 times for one.

No actors have been announced yet for the show and we are still unaware of the specific premise and plot of this new season. Nevertheless, we are excited to see the end result, as are many others, since the first season of the show was a complete success. Hopefully this new collaboration will bring True Detective back on its feet.


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