A Real Look Behind The Scenes Of “Mountain Men”

The popular reality show “Mountain Men” followed men who live in the most dangerous and challenging land in the US. Isolated and treacherous vast rustic natural areas are the setting in this survival series. 

In each season new apprentices join the men on a learning expedition to survive on the hard terrain during the year, and especially during the freezing Montana Mountains winter.


Participants have to go through a tough criminal checklist when applying to the show. Chris Richardson and Marc Pierce the co-creators of the show, said this usually throws out many of the candidates. They try to find the right type of participants by reaching the most unexpected places “We’ve found some of our best characters with boots on the ground — just going where you might expect to find someone living off the grid and asking local game wardens and townspeople”.

It takes no less than 90 people to coordinate the production, filming crews are contracted of 5 people living for weeks with one of the mountain men, often straggling with extreme situations and radical conditions in what considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs on TV to date.

The dream of living away from it all, waking up to nature at all its glory, struggling every day and for every meal, building everything in your own bear hands is one all men share. Some are Lucky enough to fulfil this dream and devote themselves to the hard and rustic life.


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