9 Year Old Rapper Lil Tay’s Rise to Fame

Lil Tay is a 9- year old rapper who has somehow managed to find herself in the good graces of numerous famous rappers today. According to her Instagram page, Lil Tay and Chief Keef have collaborated and will be releasing music together in the near future. If you’ve ever seen her social media profiles, you already know that she has a very peculiar vocabulary for someone of her age.

While her connections and rise to fame are a mystery to most, this young women manages to post videos of her throwing around massive amounts of cash while sitting in the front seat of Lamborghinis and Jaguars that she claims to have bought.

9 Year Old Rapper Lil Tays Rise to Fame

Despite the fact that she has over a million followers, she has managed to get herself a few haters along the way, including Bhad Barbie AKA Danielle Bregoli. Lots of followers and Instagram users seem concerned regarding her well-being and family life, especially since not much information is known.

As her rise to popularity continues to grow, it’s a mystery what’s next in store for this 9-year-old rapper.


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