77 Year Old Takes on Three Muggers and Smashes One Of Their Heads Into ATM

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Englishwoman Winifred Peel may be retired but she is still tough as nails, as three muggers found out when mistaking the 77-year-old for an easy target. The lady was approached by three men who tried to mug her of £200 at an ATM. Not having any of it, she fought back and smashed one of their heads into the cash machine three times.

The three muggers have since been jailed and all pleaded guilty to robbery.

Prosecutor William Beardmore told Liverpool Crown Court that the three men drove to the village to find ‘easy targets’. Beardmore said: “He leaned over her and pressed the button to withdraw £200, and at that point she realized she was being robbed. She took hold of the second male by the collar and banged his head against the cash machine three times to try and stop him.” Judge Norman Wright said: “You targeted a vulnerable victim, a lady who was 77 years of age. Notwithstanding her age, she resisted, there was a struggle before you made good your escape.”

Just goes to show that when they say “respect your elders”, they mean it. Your elders can whoop ass.


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