5 Tips That Would Help Your Beard Survive The Summer

Now that beards are here to stay and not just a thing you keep to warm up your face at winter time, here are some tips on how to treat your beard when it’s hot, sunny and humid outside:

1. True, the beard protects your skin from the sun, but it needs its own protection too. Take your sunscreen and apply the lotion on the beard. This way your beard won’t lose its color, will not dry up in the sun, and will sustain a fresh look.

2. Summer might be the right time to do some trimming – use the hot season to cut off and freshen up your beard. You may use a beard trimmer with multiple settings. Make sure to use the low setting (1 or 2) for your neck, keep it high at the chin (3-4) and middle on your cheeks.

3. Scape your beard by shaving the cheek lines, it will give your beard a more intentional look, and not like you were too lazy to shave after meeting your friends at the bar last night.

4. When summer comes, the itching are coming along with it from the humidity and sun. Massage your beard with a designated beard conditioner before going to bed and beard oil when you wake up.

5. Sweat can make small microscopic deposits of salt to be gathered under your beard. When you shower take a new toothbrush with soft hairs and massage your beard, that will clean the salt away and will keep out any skin irritation.

Don’t forget – taking care of your beard is as important as taking care of your hygiene and teeth, neglecting it can cause skin irritation and, well, just makes you look like a cave man (but in a bad way.)


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