5 Beard Growing Tips for Smoothies

Usually, November is the month dedicated to men growing beards for a good cause. But real men don’t stop once December hits. It’s always the perfect time to get brace with your facial hair. Here you can find the perfect tips for your shave-free adventure.

Do Not Touch

You will want to scratch. And rub. And shave the whole itchy mess off, or at least give it some definition. Don’t. A first-time grower might rush to touch up his lines, but it’s best to resist over-shaping your beard until you can see the full potential of its fullness. A general rule of thumb is to wait about four weeks before attempting to sculpt your beard.


Lube Your Whiskers

By end of week two and into week three, your hair growth will start to resemble an actual beard. At this point you can start applying natural lubricants that will give your beard a clean, soft texture while coating it with nutrients. Bold Beardsmen’s Valencia Beard Balm and Virgin Beard Oil are great examples. To use, first massage a dab of the balm into your scruff, aiming to coat the skin beneath. Next, work a dime-size amount of oil up in your hands, then work your hands through your facial hair. The balm conditions the skin while the oil acts to enhance shine and lock in moisture.


Invest in a Quality Comb

Get yourself a nice wooden one, like Big Wood Beard Co’s Fine Tooth Comb ($25): Handmade from African mahogany, the comb is small enough to slip in your jeans back pocket and strong enough that it won’t snap if you sit on it. Using a wooden teeth comb helps spread your oil or balm evenly and smoothly across your face. The wrong comb can damage your facial hair causing split ends and entangled, rough patches in your beard.


Add Shape

Once your beard reaches a desired length, it’s time to pull out the toys. Take your trimmer (a good one: Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500 ($40) and begin by defining your beard neckline. Trim directly up to the Adam’s apple, where your beard and neck meet, then round off the corners of your jawline just below your ears. Define your cheek line by trimming as high as possible for a clean and crisp look.


Then Add Character

Now you need to decide how to maintain the beard for the long haul. Choosing the right long-term beard style is based on the lengthiness of your hair, shape of your face, and your specific facial hair type. Coarse and curly are going to require different maintenance than naturally straight or wavy hair. Fuller beards require the least amount of maintenance, but it can take up to four months to reach this status. And finally, when in doubt, ask your barber.


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