3 Ways to Work on Your Flexibility

For many of us, fitness revolves around lifting weights in the gym or improving our cardio on machines or through activities such as running, swimming, and cycling. While these forms of exercise are undeniably good for us, it’s important that in the pursuit of greater strength and cardio fitness, we don’t forget about flexibility. Maintaining or improving your flexibility will reduce the risk of injury from your other forms of exercise, and make certain moves (such as running and swimming) easier. Check out these tips on ways to improve your flexibility, even as you continue to work on other elements of your fitness.

Heat Therapy

If you’re finding that your muscles are painfully tight when you try to stretch, take advantage of some heat therapy. A hot shower—or better yet, a bath—will help to loosen tight muscles. Gentle movement will also improve blood flow, making it easier for you to stretch without pain and discomfort.

Resistance Bands

Investing in some high-quality resistance bands is a great way to quickly improve your flexibility. With some bands, you can elevate your stretches and challenge yourself to reach a greater level of flexibility. Check out guidance videos on YouTube for the best ways to use bands to improve your flexibility.

Daily Practice

Just like other areas of fitness, getting flexible takes patience and practice. Start up a daily routine, the best thing about improving your flexibility is that you will notice results even after just five minutes of stretching each day. Persevere, and your practice will pay off in the form of improved flexibility which will support your strength and cardio fitness.


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