3 Types of Exercise You Can Do Before Work

We all know that exercise is good for us, and most of us need to move more and up our physical activity. However, it’s hard to fit an exercise regime around our working and social lives. All too often, motivation for movement drops in the evening, and it feels so much easier to enjoy a meal with friends or watch something on Netflix. Why not try scheduling your movement for first thing in the morning, before work? Check out these simple types of exercise which you can do at home with little to no equipment.


There are countless pilates videos available on YouTube, with the most popular channels racking up millions of views. Try a few of the more popular instructors to see which style you like, and then commit to twenty minutes of gentle movement every morning before work. You will quickly notice a difference in your stress and energy levels, and with time you should also see improvements in your strength and muscle tone.

Light Cardio

Why not wake your body up with some light cardio each morning? Invest in a skipping rope to access an incredible calorie-burning exercise, or focus on jumping jacks and burpees to get your heart rate elevated. Light cardio in the morning can improve your mood for the rest of your day, set your intentions, and help you focus through all of your work meetings.

Resistance Routines

With just a few light dumbbells (or even some tins of soup!) you can create a simple, straightforward resistance routine for yourself. Focus on targeting specific muscle groups—there are online guides and YouTube videos to help you discover which movements will target which areas. Combine some simple weightlifting with body resistance moves such as squats, lunges, and press-ups, and before long you will notice your strength and fitness getting better.


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