3 Theme Parks Every Adventure Junkie Should Try

There are many fun activities to do with your friends and families depending on where you live or are visiting in the United States. One of the favorite pastimes of many Americans is going to amusement or theme parks.  There are a ton of great options for those who love the thrill of the rides and the whimsical atmosphere of these parks. Here is a list of some of the best 3 amusement parks to visit.

While there are many amazing amusement parks to choose from, all with unique environments, there are some that definitely need to be recognized for their uniqueness. First, Dollywood is a theme park located in Tennessee. There are some rides there, but what is really special about this park is the ode that it pays to the famous country star, Dolly Parton. At this amusement park, you will be able to visit all of the cute shops and even see a few musical or otherwise performance-based shows.

3 Theme Parks Every Adventure Junkie Should Try

Another cool amusement park to visit is Six Flags Over Georgia. This amusement park is Looney Toon themed and offers a ton of fun activities. There are so many exciting rides, frightening roller coasters, and other sites. There is also a waterpark associated with Six Flags Over Georgia, and it is called Six Flags White Water. Here, you can go on a bunch of fun water rides, surf the tide pool, and complete an obstacle course.

Lastly, another cool theme park to visit is Santa’s Village, located in New Hampshire. This park, as you may have guessed by the name, is Christmas themed. There are 23 rides located at the park for guests to enjoy. Each of these rides even has a Christmas or Winter themed name. Along with the rides, visitors can take pictures with Santa and even tour his home.


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