3 Nail Colors to Wear All Summer

There’s something about the warmth and sun-filled days of summer which puts everyone in a good mood. We often want to reflect this in the way that we dress and style ourselves. Check out these stunning, vibrant nail colors which you’ll want to wear all season long.

Sunset Orange

A bright blast of orange on your nails is a great way to feel sunny all day long, even on cloudy days. If block color feels too much, opt for an ombré effect to tone down the impact.

Mint Green

There’s something about this shade which screams cool girl summer. It’s a shade that’s reminiscent of ice cream, cool iced drinks and lazy days at the beach. Surprisingly, it also looks great against a multitude of other shades and tones, so you don’t have to worry about your manicure clashing with your outfit.

Strawberry Pink

Last year was all about the strawberry girl summer, and we’ll be seeing the ongoing impact of that with a range of pretty, feminine pink shades adorning people’s nails. This shade is fun yet classy, and looks simply stunning when paired with an all-white outfit. 


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