3 iPhone Features You May Not Know About

The iPhone has become a ubiquitous part of daily life for millions around the globe, famed for its sleek design and powerful functionality. Even if you’ve been using an iPhone for years, there are always hidden gems and features that can surprise you. Here are three lesser-known iPhone features that can enhance your user experience and make your smartphone interaction more efficient.

Customizable Control Center

Did you know you can customize your iPhone’s Control Center to fit your individual needs? Navigating to Settings > Control Center. Here, you can choose which controls to include. This could be the calculator, screen recording specialized features like hearing aids, and a magnifier. Personalizing the Control Center enhances the convenience and functionality of your iPhone.

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Back Tap Feature

Introduced in iOS 14, the Back Tap feature allows users to turn the back of their iPhone into a customizable button. Access this feature via Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. You can set it to perform various actions such as taking screenshots, locking the screen, or launching apps with just a double or triple tap.

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Live Listen

Live Listen transforms your iPhone and AirPods into a remote microphone, ideal for hearing conversations in noisy environments. Enable it by adding the Hearing icon in the Control Center under Settings > Control Center, making it easier to focus on conversations in places like busy cafes or meetings.

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