3 Houseplants That Will Beautify Your Home Without Needing Loads of Attention

It’s hard to ignore the houseplants trend. From homes to cafes to gyms, natural greenery is used in all sorts of interiors to lend a touch of freshness, beauty and interest. If you’re tempted to add some plants to your home but feel unsure about which ones are likely to survive, just check out this guide to three of the easiest to care for houseplants.

Aloe Vera

This sturdy succulent loves being placed in a well-lit window, where it can soak up as much light as possible. Give it some water about once a week (or once a fortnight in the winter) and provide it with some plant food around once a month and you should have no problems keeping your aloe vera alive.

Spider Plant

The main form of care you may need to provide for your spider plant is removing the many ‘spiderlets’ which your initial plant can produce. These offshoots can stay on the main plant, but if you want a tidier looking plant you may need to cut them off and repot them. 

String Of Hearts

These trailing plants can look stunning draped over some shelves or a bookcase. Ensure they get plenty of light and water them around once a week. With this care and attention, your string of hearts should thrive in most indoor environments.


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