3 Home Décor Trends Taking Pinterest By Storm This Summer

If you enjoy giving your home a makeover as soon as the seasons change, it’s time to embrace some amazing new trends this summer. Pinterest is probably the first place you’ll head to when looking for inspiration, and here are three trend predictions they have for this summer.

Dopamine Décor

The dopamine décor craze is all about creating spaces that evoke a sense of joy. This can mean different things for everyone, but certain guidelines emerged since this trend first started growing tractions and inspiring people to create spaces that burst with color, comfort, and character.

Eclectic Vintage

Many nostalgic trends made it to Pinterest’s trend forecast, and eclectic vintage décor is one of the very best. Its whole point is to tell a story and add a sense of nostalgia and charm to your home through such vintage pieces as retro tea sets, decorative plates, and dinnerware.

Nancy Meyers-Core

From Something’s Gotta Give to The Holiday, Nancy Meyers has given us some truly iconic rom-coms over the years, and her style is instantly recognizable. Pinterest users can’t get enough of it, and they’re obsessed with living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens that follow the rules of the Nancy Meyers-core aesthetic.


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