3 Fun Ways to Style Scarves in Summer

There are so many kinds of accessories out there, and these fun additions to outfits can change your look drastically. Scarves are a lovely choice for accessorizing an outfit, as they are comfortable and easy to wear, and you can find some incredibly beautiful scarves. However, wearing a scarf around your neck in summer isn’t particularly practical when it’s warm. This doesn’t mean scarves are off the table though, so here are three fun ways to style them instead. 

Wear as a Shawl

While bunching a scarf up to wear around your neck may sound hot and uncomfortable in summer, draping it around your shoulders as a shawl instead can be a perfect alternative. On a warm but breezy day, it’s an ideal light layer, and it’s also excellent for protecting shoulders from sunburn. 

Use as a Hair Accessory

There are plenty of ways to turn a scarf into a hair accessory. You could twist it around to use as a headband, or even to tie your hair up with. You can also fold it to turn it into a bandana, which is an incredibly stylish way to protect your head from the sun. 

Tie Around the Waist

If you have scarves that you love the pattern and design of then tying them around your waist is perfect. This can work with trousers, a skirt, or a dress, and adds some beautiful detail to your outfit.


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