25 Years After ‘Homer at Bat’, Homer Simpson Officially Enter the Baseball Hall of Fame

This upcoming Saturday will be the annual Baseball Hall of Fame Classic in Cooperstown. This year, new inclusions will be made to the Hall of Fame, including a Homer Simpson statue. Homer Simpson had the opportunity himself to address the fact that he will be included in the Hall of Fame. He stated that, “My record for eating hot dogs will never be broken. I’ve been a fan for 40 years, which is how long some games take. And I can’t wait for the ceremony in Canton, Ohio”.

The previous show-runner of the Simpsons, Al Jean, spoke to one of the members of the Hall of Fame Bill Francis regarding the ‘Homer at Bat’ episode. To no one’s surprise, he stated that “it’s just amazing that – that we pulled it off. And [the ‘Homer at the Bat” episode] was the first time that we aired that ever beat The Cosby Show in the ratings, which was a big deal”.

The Homer Simpson that is present at the Hall of Fame for a special uniform for the event and merchandize has been created, such as towels, with the image of Homer Simpson wearing the baseball uniform on it.


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